Our Radio Station:

Feed My Sheep

We are instructed in Matthew to go and teach. We are not told to convert, but just to plant seeds. God gives the increase. Since we live in an age where technology is an everyday thing, one of the tools we have is the internet. By using this tool, we are able to reach out to  places that might not have been possible before. We have two radio stations that are internet based and a podcast that is internet based. Each of you can be part of the going simply by sharing the links to these places where the gospel is taught 24/7.

Please help us in this endeavor. Share the links, show folks that you know where they can go and listen to these lessons. It takes all of us. Right now, we are being heard all over the world. We would like to be heard in your neighborhood, by your family and friends.




For those who would like to contribute to our outreach programs please feel free to do so at the below app addresses.