Our Radio Station:

Feed My Sheep

The two radio stations, the radio show and the podcast continue to spread the Gospel of Christ one seed at a time.

                 We reach around the world from  Vietnam, to Canada, to the US, Lebanon, Egypt, Australia, Ireland, Germany, England, Belgium, France, and Spain. These are just a few of the countries we are now reaching.

                This is not something I can do alone. I need each of you to help me. If you have a Facebook account and you see the post pop up about the stations, please listen and share. When you see it on the Midway page share it with your family and friends. We are not told how to go just to go.

Below are the links to all the stations the podcast and the show.

Radio.co   <a href=”https://stream.radio.co/s3545cd674/listen&#8221; target=”_blank”>Listen Live!</a>

Live 365 Radio    https://live365.com/station/The-Great-Commission-a23036

Podcast.co   https://pod.co/feed-my-sheep

Blog Talk Radio https://www.blogtalkradio.com/midwayrdchurchofchrist

We all have gifts from God. This is mine.  However, in order to spread that gift I need your help.

Yvonne Sewell

For those who would like to contribute to our outreach programs please feel free to do so at the below app addresses.