SonShine Kids

All children from age 5 to 5th grade have fun and learn while worshiping God. They will be praising God with songs and prayer. There will be lessons and activities to get them excited about God and teach them good family values that are pleasing to God. Hope to see your little and tall ones in class.

Children’s Church meets in the SonShine room at 9:30 am and goes till 10:25 am every Sunday.

9:30-9:40 Welcome-Greet children with an activity
9:40-9:50 Let’s Praise God-Worship and Singing 
9:50-10:10 Let’s Learn About God’s Truth
10:10-10:20 Bathroom Break, Snack-Finger foods, & Drinks
10:20-10:25 Let’s Pray and clean up

Our SonShine Leader is Miss Shannon