Faith Without Works

   For years I have read and been quoted James 2:14-26 where the writer talks about having faith without works being dead. I studied and studied and thought about this scripture. My conclusion is this. It is not just the works of helping a brother or sister in need. It goes deeper.

    It includes being willing to plan the seeds of the word, being willing to step out of our comfort zone as in the case of Abraham and Rahab. Understanding that with faith comes the ability to know that we can do all things through Christ and that includes planting seeds in places we are not comfortable.

     Jesus went into the highways and byways. He stood with those who were not the upper echelon of society. Those folks rejected him. He went to the broken, the hurt and the downtrodden. Yes, he was God’s son, and he could have called down a legion of angels to protect him.  We have the same promise. God protects us when we do what is right.

     We don’t get to heaven by hiding behind closed doors, by being afraid of what we don’t know. We don’t get to heaven by spouting platitudes and preaching to each other. Bro. Keeble said it best. He would not preach in one location because he said, those in the faith did not need him. Those who were lost needed the lessons. Yes, we sit in our seats on Sunday and are filled with the fruit of the Spirit. But what do we do with it once we leave the safety of the building? How do we share it? Who do we talk to? How many seeds to we plant? Or do we just have faith and no works?

     We wonder why the Lord’s body doesn’t grow. The answer is simple, we don’t feed it. We wonder why we don’t reach the lost, the answer is simple, we don’t seek them out.

     We must ask ourselves these questions. Are we afraid of rejection? Do we feel we don’t know enough? Are we afraid of being hurt? The answers to all those questions are the same. If God is with us who can be against us? If we are afraid of rejection, it is not us who are being rejected it is God. IF we don’t know enough, that is simple, go in twos. If we are afraid of being hurt, Christ was crucified.

    In the seed planting there is no 80/20 rule. There is just 100% planting. Isn’t it time we planted with faith and put in the work and allow God to give the increase?